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Het Vosje provides high qualitative and loving day-care for your baby and toddler at three locations in the city of Haarlem. You find Het Vosje in splendid and easy to reach locations, situated in the centre, north and south of the city.

With a highly educated and dedicated team we take the best care of your child. Our personal approach and guidance, enhanced with a great variety of plays and activities ensures that your baby and toddler can develop itself to become in four years time a self-assured, independent and cheerful child, ready to set off for primary school.  


Do offer your baby a wonderful day-care in the safe, peaceful yet adventurous surroundings of Het Vosje. In every child’s best interest we aim for variety and regularity.  We learn the kids hygiene, to eat healthy and develop their senses and motorial skills. We read, sing, are being creative and do gymnastics with them. Our toys and playgrounds are original and challenging, both inside as outside. And of course there is plenty  time for them to rest and relax.

The flexible day-care at Het Vosje can be easily adjusted with your own App. Early bringing and late pick-up, a change of day-care dates, even ad hoc requests, we can schedule it in most of the times. In addition to our individual daily feedback, parents can also follow on the App their kid’s schedule, activities and progress.

Come in and discover Het Vosje!


Take a look around on our website to get a first impression. We gladly welcome you for a personal introductory tour in one of our day-care locations. Please ring 023 - 54 65 550 to make an appointment with Jacqueline. Or just come in during one of our next open days:


Open days

Het Vosje Haarlem North, 
Marsmanplein: monday 5 November 2018, 10AM–4PM

Het Vosje Haarlem Centre, 
Linschotenstraat: tuesday 6 November 2018, 10AM–4PM 

Het Vosje Haarlem South,
Ramspol: thursday 8 November 2018, 10AM–4PM